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Progressive, multi-award winning coffee roastery and research lab helping coffee growers through our past work in the various branches of the UN by telling stories that matter. 

The Connoisseur Collection

Exclusively tailored to master brewers and guided by three philosophies: innovation, righteousness and environmental care.

Impactful stories to share

Inspiring trends

In a not too distant future, when the coffee value chain has been transformed and imbued with ethics and morale, people will ask themselves how they allowed otherwise.  Throughout the years, our small venture has been cornered by curious people asking questions like...
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Research progress report

Our goal is to bring the finest coffees in the world to the attention of consumers and to be represented in international competitions. We wish to establish close relationships with producers where quality, innovation, consistency and sustainability is important. The...
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Transparency Trade and Notation

We are happy to see and hear that our 2009 established concept and notation of "Transparency" is collectively being embraced by the coffee community. The work was inspired from our past assignments in the United Nations Environment Programme and GRID-Arendal where...
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Locations sharing our important stories


Alkemisten Coffee Bar

Drømmeplassen Arendal


Te- och Kaffehuset



Henrys Café

Grimvollens Kolonial

GUL Kaffebar


Fyristorg Kaffe & Te

Store Torungen Fyr

Others sharing our momentous stories

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