Rwanda Gitega Washed


Kopakaki-Dutegure is a cooperative with its own processing station near Lake Kivu in the district of Karongi. The lot number 52 originates from 18 farmers from the village Gitega. Each of them owns from 100 to 300 coffee trees and lives in the vicinity of the village of Gitega which is a small mountain town near the washing station.

This particular lot was picked and processed the same day in Gitega. The processing station supports over 990 families who are living at their farms located in the surrounding hills. After the picking, the farmers deliver the coffee cherries to the processing station. Station employees control the delivery by recording who and how much coffee was delivered, ensuring each farmer receives a receipt for the delivered quantity which will make up a paid sum.

By collecting such information, the entire cooperative can track the quality and quantity of coffee obtained from each micro-region of cultivation. The cherries are sorted on site from each farmer, furthermore to be hulled and wet fermented. Depending on ambient temperature, the coffee cherries are wet fermented for 12-14 hours and dried on raised beds for 12-16 days. The time varies depending on the weather conditions.

We found that the processing retains acidity in the coffee which we have chosen to highlight during our roasting refinements.

This harvest is arranged by our friend Per Nordby and the 18 farmers of Gitega:
Emmanuel Ndagijimana
J’Amour Karimijabo
Esperence Mukanyiko
Fugence Nzabarinda
Froduard Buregeya
Vincent Nsengimana
Evaliste Mugwizambaraga
Bonifride Uwazigira
Bonifride Rindiro
Xaverine Uwayisaba
Esperence Mukabukina
Vencent Simpunga
Bosco Minanij
Esdore Nzeyimana
Agnes Icyimpaye
Donatha Nyirankundibiza
Clave Ndikumayange


Country    Rwanda
Region    Karongi
Farm     Kopakaki
Altitude    1,500-1,700 MASL
Varietal    Bourbon
Process    Washed


Aroma    Honey, Pomegranade
Flavor    Rosehip, Almonds, Hibiscus
Aftertaste   Cocoa  
Acidity    Citric, Bright, Mid-High
Body    Soft, Mid
Balance    Uniform


Bukavu > Gothenburg > Arendal
Remunerated: 9.50 USD/kg
Availability: 120kg (2 bags)
SCAA Score: 90.00

Recommended sales price: 25 USD/kg
(Covers transport of green coffee, customs and import, production and distribution.)

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