Panama Finca Deborah Natural 2017


Deborah’s geisha grows slowly on beautiful, 7 year old trees and at extreme altitude. This allows the coffee to develop its unique and complex flavor profile. Harvest season is February-May. Harvesting is assisted by BRIX meter, cherries are scrutinized by color and defects, then laid out on clean, raised, African beds to ensure consistent and slow drying.

Processing protocol development by Jamison Savage of Finca Deborah which required meticulous and complex execution by Jamison. Drying of the cherries takes place on the 3 layered beds. Each bed has a separate function. In the first stage, after picking, the cherries were placed on the highest bed for 5-7 days. Here, the sun’s rays are the strongest in order kill bacterial activity. The second stage, the cherries continue to dry for 10 days. This stage develops the sweetness. The third and final stage, the cherries are moved to the lowest and coldest bed for 3-5 days to reach a moisture level of 11%. The coffee is then tested for water activity, tasted and vacuum packed.

Veronika Galova Vesela presented this fenomenal coffee in Piestany at her national Slovak Brewers Cup and won the competition.

Our 3-stage natural processed lot placed an impressive total 10th place (Veronika Galova Vesela) in the World Brewer’s Cup 2017 in Budapest and 6th in the Open Service-score coached by Ivica Cvetanovski.

Veronika’s brewing recipe at the world championship, “1:1:1”, consisted of the following elements: 20g of coffee ground on a Commandante hand-grinder at level 29 for 300g of tap water from Gothenburg brewed in Hario V60-02. Filters were rinsed 20 minutes prior to the performance. 100g of 95C water were poured during 20 seconds. Each pour starts when a new minute starts. The brew concludes with the third pour and filters are carefully removed. Let the coffee drip 1 minute for each pour. Aerate and wait 1 minute to serve.


Country    Panama
Region    Chiriqui
Farm     Finca Deborah
Altitude    1,950 MASL
Varietal    Geisha
Process    Natural


Aroma    Lavender, Toffee, Cinnamon
Flavor    Lavender, Orange, Spice
Aftertaste   Lavender, Chamomile, Long
Acidity    Blackberry (indiginous Mora), Vibrant, Tartaric, Malic, High
Body    Round, Sticky, Mid
Balance    Uniform


Panama > Gothenburg (Roasted on demand)
Remunerated: 110.00 USD/kg
Availability: 12kg
SCAA Score: 94.00

Recommended sales price: 220 USD/kg
(Covers transport of green coffee, customs and import, production and distribution.)

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