Panama Finca Deborah Natural 2016


Processing protocol development by Coffea Circulor, Rubens Gardelli and Jamison Savage of Finca Deborah which required meticulous and complex execution by Jamison. Chemistry and biology advisor on cellular level Storm Lunde.

Several advanced and new drying techniques were used in the processing of this unique natural competition lot. A special, enclosed, drying room was constructed to facilitate this effort. It included the use of ultra-violet lights to reduce mold and over-fermention notes in the coffee. The coffee was manually stirred every 30 minutes for 38 days. Humidity and temperatures were carefully monitored inside the room. Fans were lightly used when humidity levels exceeded 60% to further ensure proper drying. Any signs of mold on the grains were promptly removed.

Deborah’s geisha grows slowly on beautiful, 6 year old trees and at extreme altitude. This allows the coffee to develop its unique and complex flavor profile. Harvest season is February-May. Harvesting is assisted by BRIX meter and cherries are scrutinized by color and defect then laid out on clean, raised, African beds where the coffee is dried to 10.5-11% for 15-28 days. The coffee is then tested for water activity, tasted, and vacuum packed.

Deborah’s washed geisha placed 1st (Berg Wu) and the honey processed geisha placed 10th (Ying Hu) in the World Barista Championship 2016. Our special edition processed lot placed an impressive 11th (Veronika Galova Vesela) in the World Brewer’s Cup 2016, Dublin, Ireland.


Country    Panama
Region    Chiriqui
Farm     Finca Deborah
Altitude    1,950 MASL
Varietal    Geisha
Process    Natural Proprietary


Aroma    Jasmine, Plums, Honey
Flavor    Apricot, Plums, Cranberry
Aftertaste    Cocoa, Long
Acidity    Cranberry, Elegant, Malic
Body    Silky, Mid-High
Balance    Uniform


Panama > Forli > Dublin > Gothenburg / Arendal (roasted on demand)
Remunerated: 125.00 USD/kg
Availability: 20kg
SCAA Score: 92.50

Recommended sales price: 250 USD/kg
(Covers transport of green coffee, customs and import, production and distribution.)

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