Nicaragua La Picona Washed


In the middle of a nature reserve we find Finca La Picona. It is operated by Olga Marina González Cuadra. She lives here with her husband and son. Harvesting and processing of the coffee is done by the family. The elevation of the farm provides proper adequate growing conditions for the Maracaturra variety. Surrounding the farm are two water sources. Coffee trees in this area is dominated by Caturra and Maracaturra.

Maracaturra, a hybrid variety and cross of Maragogype and Caturra, is a large bean that provides a low yield and a great flavor profile. It is common for Nicaragua. Maracaturra trees are vulnerable to coffee leaf rust (CFR) and require a great amount of maintenance. Therefore, it is imperative to prune and maintain the trees meticously in order to achieve superior Maracaturra. After harvesting the ripe cherries which is done by hand, cherries are immersed in water tanks for 20 hours of fermentation. Post-fermentation process is 20 days of drying.

We have roasted this coffee in order to highlight the wonderful acidity in this Maracaturra while retaining the sweetness and create a balanced flavor profile.

This harvest and transport is arranged by our friends Per Nordby and Olga Marina González Cuadra.The harvest placed 4th in Cup of Excellence 2018.


Country  Nicaragua
Region  Las Manos
Farm  La Picona
Altitude  1,300 MASL
Varietal  Maracaturra
Process  Washed


Aroma  Cloves, Molasses
Flavor  Orange, Apricot, Cloves
Aftertaste  Cocoa
Acidity  Orange, Malic, High
Body  Round, Mid-High
Balance  Uniform


Corinto > Gothenburg
Remunerated: 12.00 USD/kg
Availability: 60kg
SCAA Score: 90.00

Recommended sales price: 28 USD/kg
(Covers transport of green coffee, customs and import, production and distribution.)

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