Ethiopia Sidamo Gigesa Natural


Coffee farming is an integral part of the culture in the highland areas. This region and its zones develop unique and exquisite tasting coffees. There are around 850 smallholder farmers in the Gigesa washing station in Shakisso, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, which borders Sidamo to the southeast.

This coffee arrives from a group of farmers also referred to as smallholders. The average farm size is 2.5 hectares, with corn, grains and banana typically growing alongside the coffee, as well as Birbira, Wanza and Acacia trees for shade. The farms range in elevation from 1,800–1,950 meters above sea level, temperaturess are moderate, reaching up to around 25 degrees during the day and cooling to about 15 at night. The wet mill uses clean river water to process its washed coffee, which are fermented underwater in tanks for 48 hours before being washed clean of its mucilage and dried on raised beds.

Arranged by our friends Per Nordby and Adham Yonis with his dedicated team also running Project Direct which is the social program directly helping the farming community. Project Direct enabled opening of a school in July, 2016 for the people of Guji. Buying this coffee, you make a significant contribution to the people of Guji.


Country    Ethiopia
Region    Sidamo
Farm     Smallholders
Altitude   1,900 MASL
Varietal    Heirloom
Process    Natural


Aroma    Jasmine, Sweet
Flavor    Blueberry, Tropical fruit
Aftertaste    Cocoa
Acidity    Mandarine, Mid
Body    Coating, Mid
Balance    Uniform


Ethiopia > Gothenburg > Arendal
Remunerated: 9.3 USD/kg
Availability: 120kg
SCAA Score: 91.00

Recommended sales price: 23 USD/kg
(Covers transport of green coffee, customs and import, production and distribution.)

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