Costa Rica La Casita Washed


La Casita is run by Marvin Barrantes and his son Pablo Barrantes. The farm dates back to 1959 and the micro-mill Reina Elizabeth was built in 2016 shortly after Marvin started working with micro lots. Marvin built the mill on the farm and named it after his mother: Elizabeth.

La Casita is a farm in West Valley that grows Caturra, Geisha, San Ramón, Sarchimor and several other varieties. The soil is volcanic and covers 8 hectares where the coffee trees grow under shade provided by Pará (rubber tree) and Guaba. This lot, named La Trojas, is a Sarchimor type T5296 and was part of an national breeding program. Sarchimor, a disease-resistant Catimor-relative, is a cross between Timor Hybrid CIFC 832/2 x Villa Sarchi.

The coffee cherries from La Trojas are handpicked and pulped at the micro-mill betwen January and March. The drying process is red honey where cherries are dried on raised beds for 12-16 days. Most of the coffee fruit is removed for yellow honey, about half is taken off for red honey and all of the mucilage is left after depulping for black honey. The red honey process ensures slow drying under considerable amount of shade. This increases the level of humidity the beans are exposed to which excels the perception of body in the coffee.

This harvest and transport is arranged by our friends Per Nordby and Marvin Barrantes.



Country Costa Rica
Region West Valley
Farm La Casita
Altitude 1,500 MASL
Varietal Sarchimor T5296
Process Red Honey


Aroma Cocoa Nibs, Dark Honey
Flavor Red Currant, Toffee
Aftertaste Cocoa, Walnut, Long
Acidity Gooseberry, Mid-High
Body Round, Mid-High
Balance Uniform


Puerto Limón > Gothenburg
Remunerated: 16.50 USD/kg
Availability: 90kg
SCAA Score: 90.25

Recommended sales price: 37 USD/kg
(Covers transport of green coffee, customs and import, production and distribution.)

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