Colombia Nariño Matituy Washed


Southwest of Colombia, in the region Nariño and the village of Matituy, the production of high quality coffee is highly recognized. Jorge Esteban Garzon is the Son of Jorge Enrique Garson Mera. At young age he got involved in his father’s coffee farm from the production and business side. In addition, he started saving money in order to buy his own farm one day. It is fortunate that the government in Colombia supports young entrepreneurs who have the will to work in the agricultural sector. This enabled Jorge to let the government subsidize the farm and further buy land to grow coffee.

Work in the country side is very demanding due to technological underdevelopment. Roads are not fully paved. This makes life and mobilization in the country side very difficult. Transport rates are more expensive than in other regions of Colombia. Coffee growers have to move their own coffee from the farm to the cooperative for sorting and washing. The majority don’t have motorized transport and every single kilo must be moved by wheelbarrow.

Nariño is an area that has been hit by violence and drug trafficking for many years. Jobs are traditionally only available for men. Because of this situation, in time of milling and green bean selection, we work only with women from the country side. This establishes job opportunities during the harvest and sorting seasons.

Due the geographical location near the Equator, the climate is characterized by fluctuating day and night temperatures. This sets the specific and appropriate conditions for growing fine coffees. It develops the high sweetness and complex acidity. This harvest is arranged by our dear friend Juliana Bravo Bedoya with family.


Country    Colombia
Region    Nariño
Farm     Matituy
Altitude    2,150 MASL
Varietal    Caturra
Process    Washed


Aroma    Chocolate, Rose hip
Flavor    Honey, Nougat, Toffee
Aftertaste    Cocoa
Acidity    Raspberry, Mid-High
Body    Smooth, Mid
Balance    Uniform


Nariño >  Gothenburg > Arendal
Remunerated: 12.75 USD/kg
Availability: 120kg
SCAA Score: 90.25

Recommended sales price: 25 USD/kg
(Covers transport of green coffee, customs and import, production and distribution.)

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