Natural. Energizing. Xenial. Uplifting. Sustainable.

The world’s first hyperfood

Celebrating life, virtue and sustainability: An honest reflection and intersection of how food choices make us feel in mind, body and spirit. A luminous, resonating and exquisite flavor composition interwoven by tropical fruits to excite all senses and elevate your physical health, mental mind and emotional soul.

We have harvested exceptional coffee cherries which hold phenomenal richness in antioxidants. These coffee cherries are grown at high altitude where the sun’s rays are strongest, ensuring they develop a natural immune system to translate into antioxidants. The ambitions, research and results score an impressive top 3 for natural occurring substances in the world.

This embraces the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Developed specifically to showcase how a previously considered waste-product’s  lifecycle can be reintegrated into an extended product’s value chain.

Developed by Jamison Savage, Coffea Circulor, Storm Lunde, Anders Mohlin and Veronika Galova Vesela. Handmade in Sweden.

Ingredients: Cascara (Finca Deborah Geisha Natural), Cashew (Brazil), Cocoa (Cameroon Forastera), Coconut (Sri Lanka), Coffee (Finca Deborah Geisha Natural), Dates (Iran), Oat Fibre (Sweden), Vegetable oil (Sweden). Our recipe doesn’t contain refined sugars, artificial colors or preservatives. May contain traces of milk. Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Cascara: ORAC 262,660 μmol/g
Caffeine 2,500 mg/kg
Total Phenols (Folin-Ciocalteu) 1.37% (w/w).
No pesticide residue detected.
Analyzed by accredited laboratory in Sweden.


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