Past. Present.

Initiated an open trade mechanism with coffee farmers, cooperatives and trading houses, Transparency Trade (2010).  Established a branch of the business in Kenya and Uganda (2011). Constructed a coffee community in Kenya to share coffee harvesting and production hardware at a dedicated farm in Meru, Kenya – Kiarago Estate. This has increased the selling price of green beans with 30% – enabling families of the neighboring farms (which make up the community) to send their children to school. Established a coffee roastery (2011) in Arendal, Norway. Established a well renowned brand and quality throughout Norway. Featured on TV in Norway and Sweden. Providing local coffee brewing courses. Initiated a coffee school training programme with the high school “Sam Eyde videregående” in Arendal, Norway. Working with the Red Cross for Syria relief. 3rd place in the 2013 Norwegian Coffee Roasting Championships (NCRC). Reiterated the 3rd place in the NCRC 2014, Oslo, Norway. 1st place in the 2014 NCRC, Oslo, Norway. Finished 8th in the 2014 World Coffee Roasting Championships (WCRC) in Rimini, Italy. 2nd place in the 2015 Swedish Coffee Roasting Championships (SCRC), Gothenburg, Sweden. Judging SCAE national coffee competitions. Arranged and managed national coffee roasting competitions. Initiated a coffee research programme with funding granted from VRI Agder/The Research Council of Norway in 2015 with focus on coffee processing and roasting. Coaching Rubens Gardelli (Italian Coffee Roasting Championships 2016), finished 1st and Eddy Righi (Italian Brewers Cup 2016), finished 1st, Rimini, Italy. Coaching Rubens Gardelli (World Coffee Roasting Championships 2016, WCRC). Coaching Veronika Galova Vesela (World Brewers Cup 2016, WBrC, Dublin, Ireland). Transparency Trade, Transparent Pricing and Grading. Established a group of coffee professionals to form a Coffee University (2016).

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