Designed to Inspire and Set New Standards. Again.


The Connoisseur Collection is the result of our Coffee University Program (CUP) led by an international team of coffee professionals: A limited edition proprietary researched, processed and analyzed coffee berry. Exclusively tailored to master brewers and guided by three philosophies: innovation, righteousness and environmental care.

Every Weapon Deserves a Master.

By crafting this collection from land, pruning, picking and processing, we optimize the aromatic compounds. Crucially, our roasting philosophy is anchored in years of world class experience and research backed by The Research Council of Norway. The result is a coffee of such character and complexity that today is considered of superior quality. Excellence is assured via SCA, Q standards and years of accumulated experience.

Quality. Consistency. Care.

There is no Holy Grail or “Perfect Cup” of coffee. Coffee is subjective. People like what they like. We like what we like. You like what you like. Or at least have a preference. Most importantly, people, destinies and opportunities are what we treasure the most. Our primary areas of interest is Kenya where our journey began in 2008 before establishing Coffea Circulor Africa Ltd. and Coffea Circulor Norway. Furthermore, Colombia, Ethiopia and Panama. Guest countries with inspiring projects do happen. Our ambition is quality, not quantity. By focusing on a few excellent countries and producers we can guarantee quality, consistency, knowledge enhancement and sustainability initiatives from an environmental and financial perspective. Investing in future prospects and above all support producers and communities to build a strong financial security. Focusing on few areas enable us to connect baristas with the producers and communities. Therefore, the baristas can over time learn how to perfect their brew. It brings more joy to their profession by telling stories that matter. 
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