Designed for Life.

The Cascara Collection is the result of our Coffee University Program (CUP) led by an international team of coffee professionals: A limited edition proprietary researched, processed and analyzed high quality coffee cherry. An honest reflection and intersection of how food choices make us feel in mind, body and spirit. A luminous, resonating and exquisite flavor composition interwoven by tropical fruits to excite all senses and elevate your physical health, mental mind and emotional soul.

Coffee is the second most traded good in the world next to oil and gas. Millions of people rely directly or indirectly on the income from this trade. Coffee grows on trees and the coffee as we know it is hulled from coffee cherries when ripe. Today, coffee cherry (cascara/husk) is treated as waste while only the coffee remains of importance. 

Our research on cascara has spanned across 8 amazing years. We have harvested exceptional coffee cherries which hold phenomenal richness in antioxidants. These phenomenal coffee cherries are grown at high altitude and low latitude regions where the sun’s rays are strongest, ensuring the develop a natural immune system for themselves and translate into antioxidants.


Focusing on the genetics, molecular biology and sensory science of coffee.

Processing protocol development by Jamison Savage of Finca Deborah and Coffea Circulor which required meticulous and complex execution by Jamison. Chemistry and biology advisor on cellular level Storm Lunde. Special contribution by Veronika Galova Vesela. Several advanced and new drying techniques were used in the processing of this unique natural coffee cherry lot. A special, enclosed, drying room was constructed to facilitate this effort. It included the use of ultra-violet lights to reduce mold and over-fermention. Humidity and temperatures were carefully monitored. Manually stirring the cherries every 30 minutes and removing any signs of mold on the grains if detected is vital. Fans were lightly used when humidity levels exceeded 60% to guarantee proper drying.

Deborah’s Geisha grows slowly on beautiful 7 year old trees and at an extreme altitude. This allows the cherries to develop its unique and complex flavor. Harvest season is February-May and is assisted by BRIX meter. Cherries are scrutinized by color and defects then laid out on clean, raised, African beds where the cherries dried for 25 days to the reach a moisture content of 10.5-11%. The cherries are then hulled and the cascara is tested for water activity, tasted and vacuum packed for unprocessed preservation of the antioxidants.

Furthermore, the cascara is analyzed by an accredited laboratory in Sweden ensuring to certify that no hazardous matter, heavy metals and foreign residue was detected. ORAC/Trolox, phenols and chlorogenic acids were analyzed and documented. Our processing and research resulted in an extremely nutritious fruit. To illustrate the power and potential of this fruit and our method, consuming 1g of coffee cherry equals to consuming 30g of regular occurring blueberries.

Eat as is. Infuse to make tea. Melt with chocolate. Make ice-cream. Use on pancakes. Only the imagination sets boundaries. Remember, exposing to heat heat could degenerate antioxidants. Therefore, we recommend eating as raw as possible.

Full immersion steep for 10 minutes at 96 degrees Celsius. Press or squeeze the cherries without sieving the fluid to optimize the sweetness, flavor and character before serving.

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