By founding Coffea Circulor, our ambition was to stimulate the world towards harmony. Envisioned by Thore-Andre Thorsen and Ivica Cvetanovski, our non-profit venture enables us to tell stories that matter and generate opportunities around the world for people who are less fortunate than we are.

Since 2010, we are helping coffee growers through our past work in the various branches of the UN and adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals. Our venture did not begin with roasting coffee. It started with field work in Kenya on coffee farms. Coffee growers shared their stories about the coffee trade and we wished to help.

Initially, the coffee from our friends was roasted offshore in a unique environment: a lighthouse island named Store Torungen located on the south coast of Norway. However, twice saved by the Norwegian Coast Guard in deep fog on a cold winter’s night in our tiny boat, they suggested to move our odyssey onshore.

Today, our multi-award winning roastery enriches people with better understanding of a product’s lifecycle and consequences of the choices made in the daily life.

We are constantly contributing to Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) events and conveying our story through competitions, judging and arranging national and international coffee events.

Our products and stories enable every day consumers to make better and conscious choices. Our vision is to have our established Transparent Trade, Transparent Pricing and Grading endorsed at all levels in the coffee value chain by the industry. 


Because coffee is all about people.


We build relationships with farmers, cooperatives and factories who share common goals: a three pillar model of what coffee should be all about: Transparency Trade, Transparency Pricing and Grading.

Showing devotion to sustainability and circular economy where the knowledge and funding is being brought back to the farmers is paramount.

Key concepts and mechanisms are high quality products, socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, impact driven and trustworthy. Collaboration and communication between growers, roasters and baristas removes coffee traders from the fraudulent value chain.

The coffee industry is an aged organism acting in status quo and is in need of creative injections. Our environment is changing due to irresponsibility. Constantly refining, perfecting and evaluating ideas is our DNA.

We travel and meet the farmers, millers and exporters as often as possible and vice versa. We do not believe in “fair” trades or expensive non traceable certifications anchored in bureaucracy and should be set to rest. “Fair” accentuates poor efforts for making something “honest”, “genuine” and “proper”.

Making visits to farms, cooperatives, factories, millers and provide in-depth knowledge, expectations and reactions from customers implements a complete feedback loop.

This is Coffea Circulor.


Established in 2010, a model anchored in United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: genuine, ethical and successful. Our Transparency Trade and notation has become synonym to how coffee trading should be conducted and is nowdays used by other green coffee merchants and roasteries in the industry. A consumer should have the right to trace the coffee back to the grower or processing unit. Most importantly, ask for the contact details of the farmer or cooperative in order to ask how much the they were paid for their coffee. Subsequently, it empowers consumers to make conscious decisions while increasing resilience and livelihoods for coffee growers.


Paid price for coffee is always declared avoiding industry standard hidden outrageous profit margins. Through this we also demonstrate approaches for implementing UN’s Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES). Providing in-depth growing and processing knowledge to managers, millers and export agents creates opportunities. Continuous support builds infrastructure, increases health and water supply in scarce areas.


Highly renowned achievements on national and international level, hundreds and thousands of roasted coffees and tasted cups, judging competitions, deep collaboration with industry colleagues enable us to grade coffee with high accuracy given industry standards. The grading also completes the feedback loop of constant input and output mutual processing which links farmers, roasters and baristas.


Focusing on the genetics, molecular biology and sensory science of coffee.

We are invested in research on coffee chemistry and quality. Understanding coffee processing and the expected results is crucial when facing climate change. Adaptation and mitigation through in-depth knowledge from our past work in the UN on the matter enables us to bridge the knowledge gap in affected areas. Our work is also supported by the Research Council of Norway via VRI Agder.

We provide farmers information about coffee processing and technologies on location. This increases farmer profits by better understanding how pruning, genetics and molecular biology have a direct impact on quality. We also help nurseries ensure healthy and genetically pure plants. In addition, providing customer stories and feedback ensuring the coffee is respected from all parts of the world. 


The roastery is our window to the world.

Coffee beans grow on trees. The majority of trees are found around the Equator. Green coffee beans neither smell nor taste of coffee. They carry a grass and hay type of aroma. The taste and aroma evolves during roasting where a complex chemical reaction takes place. In fact, coffee carries at least the double amount of aromas when compared to wine. It could therefore be concluded that this is a very complex plant.

Coffee is a product of nature. It involves cultivation, various genetics of coffee trees, soil conditions, precipitation, sun, wind, altitude and many other parameters. All of these make their specifik mark on the coffee. Coffee is a seasonal commodity. After purchase and roasting we sell the coffee. The funds are returned to farmers and research. 

We only buy high-quality coffees which provide sweet, clean, complex and acidic coffee. Every coffee lot is roasted individually to enhance, elevate and emanate the origin and characteristics. Coffees are stored in vacuum and Grain Pro bags. We roast coffee based on conduction with moderate heat application. Our roasting philosophy is world renowned, the roastery is multi-award winning and roast profiling is anchored and promoted by The Research Council of Norway.

Roasting is conducted on demand for private, wholesale and retail customers. Every roasted batch undergoes a number of quality checks. Please visit us for a closer description of our roasting philosophy, guided tour and cupping.


Behind Coffea Circulor is Norway and Sweden’s most highly regarded coffee professionals.


M.Sc Financial Economics.

Norwegian Coffee Roasting Champion, Second runner up 2013.

Financial director and entrepeneur with multi-international project experience with target areas in East Africa. Renewable energy expert, sustainable development advisor and product developer.


M.Sc. Computing Science. M.Sc. EDT.

Norwegian Coffee Roasting Champion 2014.

Multidisciplinary background, entrepreneur. Conscious and value-driven. Focus on national and international projects, policy, psycho-social human interaction and research studies.

Our collaborative team is diverse in nationalities, ages and personalities and is unified by enthusiasm for brewing coffee, teamwork, service, sustainability and ethical coffee trading.

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